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First post!

Well, I’ve finally decided to start a techy blog! Just a little intro on me, I’m a software developer who has been tinkering with tech since, well, as long as I can remember – I’m now thirty, and I’ve found myself somewhat lackadaisically uninspired with tech stuff for a little while (for the first time in my life) – partly due to real life things, and partly due to finding myself in a bit of a rut. Now that the dust has settled a bit on the RL side of things, I’ve found some inspiration recently after a few conversations with various tech folk who are much smarter than I, and it’s been the kick I needed to get back into what I love doing.

So, I’m going to be documenting some of the things I’m up to, whether that be fun little projects like building an arcade machine, personal stuff like my guitar/music/video gaming interests, my general thoughts and ramblings, or, most importantly to me – my various software dev projects, particularly while I try to modernise my skills a touch.

I fully expect that this blog will likely not be read by many, but it’s a little extra motivation for myself to actually stick to a project and hold myself to account, after fearing myself to be slipping into being a bit rusty and outmoded in some of my dev work.

My goals at the moment are to:

  • Brush up on C# fundamentals and best practices, particularly when working with C# 10 & .NET 6.0.
  • Learn more about Blazor and make a few mini projects to get stuck into implementing various useful stuff.
  • Learn more about Docker and play around with containerisation.
  • Revisit 38Deputies.gg (a web app I developed to support the Guernsey 2020 election), write some posts about the architecture and features of the platform, and port it to some version of .NET/.NET Core, so that I can host it as a portfolio piece on a DigitalOcean droplet – currently, it’s not cost effective for me to keep it up while it’s stuck on Windows Server, and it’ll be a useful learning process to port it over.
  • Keep this blog up to date on all of the above and more, to keep motivating myself to learn and fully understand what I’m doing!

On top of the personal development side, I’ll be talking about things I already consider myself fairly well-versed in, or just things I find interesting. Hopefully by committing to all of the above, this post will stand the test of time amongst a good load of future blog posts, as proof that I have been true to my word!