Hey – I’m Matt. You can usually find me developing software, playing guitar, tinkering with various nerdy projects, or occasionally doing slightly less introverted things.

I’m a Computing graduate, have worked in tech for a significant chunk of my adult life, and I’m a keen proponent of actually making the world better using technology. Not in the tech bro/corporate-PR-message sense, ideally!

After a period of being a little disillusioned with tech and a lot of “RL” stuff going on (I know, I’m not too familiar with this “real life” thing either, but it can be quite distracting at times), I’m getting the bug back for playing with some interesting stuff, and you can find some of my escapades here.

I tend to be a bit of a jack-of-all-trades software/hardware/general nerd guy, so I’ll most likely be posting about anything and everything; from learning and playing with some new and shiny C# tools, to tinkering with my Amiga.

Martin Smith and myself, presenting 38Deputies at Future Rewired (Guernsey, 2020 – colourised)